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Company Overview

initiated in 1991. Motobacs is a private, owned automobile dealership importing high quality new and reconditioned vehicles from Japan, UK, Singapore and Australia. We have operations based in and around the western. North Western and Southern Provinces of the island to cater our exclusive service to our esteemed client base. Associated some of with some of the renowned automobile names overseas, some of our eminent partners includes Japanese based Kaswa and Royal, as well as FNF in the UK. Staring off with the sole importation of an Isuzu Gemini we have now moved onto imports of the BMW 7401 in 2016.

About Drivelabs - Ahas International PVT.LTD.


Our vision is to be the preferred quality partner and solution provider for our clients, providing them lasting value for every purchase and ownership decision.


Offer a value for money experience served by a dedicated and competitive team to develop enriched customer relationships.


100% tried and tested, safety certified vehicles. We do not import any accident-damaged/ salvaged vehicles.


We don't suggest any R grade (repaired) vehicles to our customer’s personal imports.

Professional Competence

Well-trained, cordial staff ready to assist anytime.


Superior customer service and exceptional after sales care.
We believe in offering our customers an exemplary service that adds value to their purchase decisions. When choosing Motobacs, our customers choose premium quality.
  • After Sales care
  • Reliable Quality
  • Unique and specialized service
  • A long lasting client relationship
  • A trust automobile partner for life

Spare parts and accessories

Quality accessories and spare parts can be sourced for all vehicles in the long run for the best prices by our experienced team. Imports at cost for parts unavailable locally.

Appointments at the local dealers

Our team will gladly set up appointments for service and repairs at the local dealers, guidance throughout, provide follow ups and updates at special rates.

Buy back and trade in

Our team will assist you in getting the best deal on your Motobacs vehicle with an option of us outright buying the vehicle and/or trading it in with a new vehicle for the highest offer in the market.

Special price on automobile consumables

Special rates on all automobile consumables for vehicle maintenance from our selected partners.

24 x 7 roadside assistance

Our dedicated back-up and breakdown team is available round the clock in case of any emergencies and arrangements for tow trucks can be made.

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